TEC.INC "Team Suit" Racing Gear

TEC.INC "Team Suit" Racing Gear is a high quality entry-level suit for the budget minded racer. However, budget does not mean cheap. TEC.INC Racing Gear starts with an FR cotton shell that is cool and comfortable to wear. All seams in TEC.INC Racing Gear suits are sewn together with Nomex® thread utilizing a five-needle safety stitch. This is an extra bit of protection in the event the main seam would happen to fail in an incident. TEC.INC Racing Gear also combines a Nomex and brass zipper with a double overlay for extra protection. Nomex cuffs and full Nomex neck closure help keep the heat out. This suit meets or exceeds SFI 3.2A/1 specs. The suit has a TPP rating of approximately 11. All suits come in solid color blue with a contrasting white billboard, white arm and leg stripe. $20 additional for XXL and $40 additional for XXXL.

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Price $239.93