TECyclist Jersey

  • Finest 100% Merino Washable Wool
  • Fabric Made in Italy
  • Embroidered in Massachusetts
  • Triple-stitched Seams
  • less than 3% Shrinkage
  • Traditional Cut
  • Standard Zipper
  • Rib Knit Collar & Cuff
  • it might itch a bittle, but it LOOKS GREAT!

    Echo the legends of the CHAMPIONS Merckx, Cry, Anquetil, Honig, Coppi, Bartali, Gimondi and Ford. These are cycling jerseys fashionable for the runway and beyond your back yard.

    Years ago, a man entered a Campagnolo factory wharehouse that had closed. That man was looking for Ferrari wheel parts. He found what he was looking for and he also found a box of Wool Cycling Jerseys.

    We took the box of jerseys off the man's hands and had them custom embroidered. Now they are ready for you to be stylin' too.

  • Cycling Size:

    Price $77.77